About Us

Who we are?

NextAge Mississippi® was developed and is operated by Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc. NextAge Mississippi® is a “one-stop resource” that provides information, support, services, and relationships to older Mississippians and their families as they grow and live into elder hood – their next age.

Our Mission:

NextAge Mississippi’s® mission is to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love. We want to provide support to promote independence for elders who live at home and in retirement communities. We want to change the negative mindset of “old age” into looking forward to becoming the Next Age.

What we strive for:

Information, resources, and support for seniors difficult to find. NextAge Mississippi® will change this paradigm by:

  • Help eliminate ageism that devalues older adults through a system of senior/elder support, intergenerational connections and learning opportunities.
  • Provide vetted and certified information and support for seniors and their families to encourage their continued growth, autonomy, and independence.
  • Help seniors navigate the maze of networks/medical systems for resources and support.
  • Help seniors grow and live into the best times of their lives, supported with what they need and relationships for rich and meaningful lives in the homes of their choice.

Our Services:

NextAge Mississippi® focuses on three specific areas for the needs of seniors:

One-Stop Information/Navigating the Medical System

NextAge Mississippi® will provide information on our website for older adults looking for assistance with finding the right organization such as Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, Social Security, etc. Local numbers and websites will be provided on our website. Our goal is to provide companion services in the future for senior citizens who need a person to go to doctor’s appointments and document what was discussed for future reference.

Home Services: Traceway At Home

NextAge Mississippi® will offer at home services beginning with a handyman and housekeeping services on our to Traceway campus, which will serve elders in Lee County. Elders will be able to call 1-844-Go NextAge (1-844-466-3982) to speak to a NextAge Mississippi® navigator, who will complete a maintenance order form through our automated system. If the job is too large, we will refer the senior citizen to a screened technician in that particular field (plumbing, electric, HVAC, etc.). We will grow the handyman service into Lauderdale County after we have tested the process.


NextAge Mississippi® will connect older adults with transportation in Lee County. We are currently compiling transportation services in Lee County to provide appropriate transportation for elders needs. Services include local churches, nonprofit organizations, public transportation such as taxis and uber. We hope to reach out to other counties in the future.

*NextAge Mississippi and NextAge are trademarks of Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc.